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Because We're A Little Punky Here...


#PitchFit is a quarterly event held on the KirkpattieCake video channels (Youtube, Bitchute, Odysee, & LBRY) where you send in pitches for your projects and I pitch them to potential readers for you! This utilizes whatever platform I have to help authors, debuting or established, self, indie, or trad -- reach more markets. 

Think of those videos on Youtube where you get a stream of movie trailers at all at once. This is what I want to do for writers and artists -- but with less production value. Clearly... we're working off Duct tape and Windows 98 around here. But if you're interested in being featured, check out the submit link and check out the requirements and restrictions:


You may only submit one project per quarter.

You can submit the same project multiple times.

You may submit something as a series pitch OR a standalone work.

You must have a landing page for the project.


Name of Author

Name of Work

Type of Work


Log Line

The Pitch (Up to 45 seconds)

Reviewer Quotes

Purchase Links

General Mood (for Pitching)

One of the hardest parts of getting started is finding places to pitch your work or get exposure -- especially those on a small budget. So here, I'm not your audience, I'm your voice. It's up to you to create a compelling pitch. I'll deliver it to the best of my abilities, and hopefully, your work will find new readers and we can build a resource for readers looking for new authors and a place for authors to practice their pitches!

#PitchFit will take place during the last week of each quarter.