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Boom, Boom, Boom by Ian Kirkpatrick

Satire, Literary

Hello, Boomers!

​Meet Ukraine's most popular explosives channel, JananananaXD!​

​Jan Bagan is a Ukrainian YouTuber living in the small, rural town of Nide, which leans against the Russia border. Though he stocks shelves at the only local grocery store at night, his true love is all things combustible. Explosive experiments fuel his modest YouTube channel where his only goal is to makes art in the sky. Without any sort of classical training, he uses his senses to recognize and mix the chemicals to reach a satisfying ending.

Though few in his hometown understand his passion, Jan's life changes when a couple of mysterious sponsors appear at his door. With a box of military-grade explosives and the confidence of these foreigners, Jan's channel is about to blow up like never before.

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