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Magical Realism
Bodymore Series, Book 3

Regret is only the Beginning; Horror is the Transformation; Tragedy is the Offspring.

After seeing Wayland off to the afterlife, Joey's left grieving over the reality that her father and best friend are gone. She can't let it stop her though. She's got a job to do for Charon, her regular life to return to, and the complications brought on by having Jag carry her heart. She can't even focus on that when she discovers running from her problems doesn't actually get rid of them.

Stalked by the ghosts of her Baltimore, Joey can't get away from her mistakes. Meanwhile, now that the badges can see her again, she's got a couple of things to explain, like jumping out the window at the station and why there was blood in her boyfriend's apartment. Telling them ghosts are real isn't enough; she has to prove it. Ralph seems like a good option as the guy who deals in death, but when she shows up at his bar, he's missing too. Time is running out on her credibility and with every second that passes, she risks sinking Jag's life for holding onto him for so long, the blood came off her hands and got all over him.

Thank you so much for giving one of my books a chance. Below are a couple different file types to best enjoy the novel with. To the left are a book trailer and a visualized version of the first chapter with some art, using the audiobook's recording.

If you enjoy this book, please leave a review for it on any of your favorite websites. If you're interested in receiving further ARC novels in the future from this series or other stories I'll work on, please make sure you're on the mailing list.

Thank you again for your time. I hope you enjoy the story.

Grieve More, Bodymore by Ian Kirkpatrick

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