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RAW: Volume 1


edited by Ian Kirkpatrick

RAW: Vol 1 will be the first anthology of short stories put out by Steak House Books. The goal of this anthology is to have fun and hopefully will contain some RAW part of ourselves or of the human element -- whatever that means to you. This book is for fiction, specifically satire and/or speculative fiction. Speculative fiction covers a wide variety of genres from sci-fi to fantasy to magical realism, supernatural, paranormal -- pretty much if you can think of real life, but with minor or major fantastical elements, that fits our scope. Below are the submission guidelines:

Length: Up to 6K words

Genre: Satire, Speculative, & Magical Realism Fiction 

Rating Restrictions: None

English Only, No Translations

Submission Period: 06/01/2021 - 01/01/2022

Authors will know by April 2022 if they are accepted.

Unsolicited Submissions Accepted

Simultaneous Submissions Accepted

Copyright: Not Previously Published 

Publication Date: June 2022

Formatting: Please submit short stories in an editable doc format. They should be Times New Roman, double-spaced, first line indented, and 12-point font in size. We read submissions blind, so please do not include your name, email, or any identifying characteristics on the manuscript itself. The file name should match the story title. Please make the subject of your email: "RAW SUBMISSION: [Story Title]"

Those accepted into RAW will receive a $25-flat rate payment for their short story, 1 free author's copy of the book, and 25% off any future purchases of the volume.

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